USA E-Cig, E-Juice and E-Hookah Affiliation Programs

Oct 27

E-Hookah pens and electronic cigarettes have become the latest sensation for people looking to switch to a smokeless nicotine alternative. From fun and interesting to complex and curious; the e-juices used in these electronic cigarette devices can range in purity and taste. The best e-juice is generally acquired from large USA e-cig companies who make their own e-liquids in a safe and clean lab. Because the electronic cigarette industry is unregulated, some online stores sell e-juices made in their homes. Therefore, most consumers of electronic cigarettes are shopping on reputable websites, with many of these shoppers transitioning into affiliates.

Affiliate programs are providing people all over the internet with the opportunity to make free money. All an electronic cigarette affiliate has to do is sign up the affiliate e-cigaretteprogram and paste that brand’s logo or ad on their social media (or even through word of mouth), and for every shopper that clicks on that affiliate’s link, that individual makes free money off of the e-cig buyer’s purchase.

Smart affiliates are also choosing reputable companies, especially those which have a lot of vaporizer choices. This is because the more choices, the more money and repeat customers. Brands which offer an all-encompassing line are more likely to capture more e-cig users. Furthermore, with the recent implementation of products like e-hookahs, which are like hookahs but use vapor technology rather than combusting tobacco, users are finding more options and purchasing even more.

The technology seems confusing for those who do not understand it with terms like atomizer and cartridge being tossed around like common phrases. Really though, vaporizers, which are electronic cigarettes as well are fairly simple. Their composition consists of a battery, an atomizer (this is what heats up the e-liquid) and e-juice. E-juice is composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water and flavorings.

The best e-juices are made by quality companies which utilize procedure. These e-juices are generally regarded as the best, the most pure and perhaps the healthiest (in comparison to cheaper brands). These vendors are USA E-Cig and USA E-Liquid companies, usually with a glowing portfolio. Some affiliates decide to go with these types of affiliation programs, though the more successful affiliates tend to go with the all-encompassing vaporizer brands.

Many people who join affiliate programs feel like they are doing the service by advertising for electronic cigarettes, hookah pens and various e-liquids as opposed to junk or products that customer don’t want. Because so many people are seeking a smoking alternative, many customers choose to click on relevant advertisements, such as vaporizer and e-cig advertisements, over ads for things like cookies and Lady Gaga cds.

Whatever route an affiliate wishes to go, there remains one constant fact. The vaporizer, e-juice and electronic cigarette market is exploding, and new products (like the e-hookahs) are emerging every day. Investing time in selecting a good affiliation program is easy and can make a person lots of money really fast.

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E-Hookahs: The Middle Ground between E-Cigs and Vaporizers

Aug 06

With so much controversy surrounding the VTM sector of the market, the electronic hookah seems to have found a pleasant middle ground smack between E-Cigs and the more complex vaporizers. Technically speaking, both utilize the same water-vapor, nicotine-delivery, through electronic hookahs (often pens) are far less complex and are more similar to the less innovative technology of the current “vaporizer.”

As the VTM market has deeply delved into flavors, so too has the electronic hookah pen which produces these same odd and fruit-flavored delights, but rather via the more “analogue” like appearance of the E-Cigarette. This has been a safer alternative for E-Cig users looking to experience flavors without the scrupulous knowledge and upkeep needed for a vaporizer.

As more electronic hookah pens emerge, flavor and nicotine variances are becoming more widely available. The E-Hookah niche is still growing, and even though the technology is leaning toward the traditional E-Cig deliverance of flavor and vapor, the convenience factor still remains a constant incentive of the device.

Traditional hookahs are bulky with massive amounts of assembly necessary. From whips and cords to bowls and chambers, real hookahs can be very complex. The new technology of the VTM inspired version is small, usually disposable and lacks all of the hassles associated with “the real thing.” Real hookahs can also impose danger; as the hookah uses burning coals to heat the Sheesha. There have been many instances of houses burning down, severe burns to the skin and demolished carpets because of hookah mishaps. New electronic hookahs eliminate these potential dangers.

As E-Cig companies focus on perfecting their tobacco and menthol blends, the VTM sect continues to become more and more complex. The health and the electrical aspects have become more dangerous for beginners who do not know the simple difference between an atomizer and a cartridge. Electronic hookahs remain easy-to-use with lots of flavor options, and still remain one of the best devices for individuals looking for an easy to use, flavorful vaping experience.

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Jul 15

Alright, how many people out there enjoy that beautiful morning cup of coffee while reading the paper, or eating breakfast? Statistics out there say about half of the people over 18 out there drink a cup reliably every morning. And why not? Coffee is delicious, and it helps you get going in the morning when you need it.

But how many of you out there that drink coffee every morning smoke too? Statistics say that about 20% of all people over 18 smoke, so I’ll guess that a lot of you do. Now, here’s where this gets interesting. A good chunk, probably something like 50 or 60% of those people who drink coffee everyday get their coffee on the go, somewhere like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. That means that about half or more of the people who drink coffee everyday spend probably close to $20 or $25 each week on coffee. That’s quite a big amount of money.

Now, going back on topic, smokers who get coffee out like that, too, are spending the same $25 each week on coffee in addition to the $70 or so it is to smoke a week. Now, putting the money aside and such for now, what if I told you that the smokers who drink coffee don’t get their money’s worth for their coffee. Their spending the exact same $25, but are not getting that same, rich coffee taste for that cash. And why not? They’re just as much as a paying customer as the next guy, right?

Well, yeah. In fact, it’s not the coffee joint’s fault at all. It’s the smoker’s fault that their coffee isn’t as good. You see, smoking cigarettes kills your ability to taste. So that coffee that you as a smoker think is incredibly weak and un-fulfilling could actually be quite potent to a non-smoker. Don’t believe me? Just stop smoking for a few days, but get the same cup of coffee each morning. Unlike many problems associated with smoking, your sense of taste and smell come back in a few days. By the third or fourth day without smoking, there’s a good chance that your favorite cup of coffee will just not be the same. It may be too strong or just not the flavor you thought it was. Either way, you’re missing out and that real coffee taste and smell.

Now, many of you probably paled when I said to stop smoking, even for just a few days. There’s another way to get your taste buds back. Switch from Cigarettes to E-Cigs. The vapor used in E-Cigs to deliver the nicotine you want doesn’t kill your taste buds – so if you make the switch, that delicious cup of morning coffee you’ve always wanted is right around the corner. And you’ll be sorry you didn’t know what you were missing. Visit to get started with electronic cigarettes today.

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Differences in Franchises

Apr 30

Fundamentally there are two types of franchises. They are Product distribution franchises and Business format franchises. The most significant portion of the product distribution format is that the product itself is manufactured by the franchisor. Many times some sort of pre-sell preparation is necessary on the franchisee end before their sale. If you are loooking for a franchise opportunity, Franchise Provider may be a good place to start.

One more important difference between these two types is that in product distribution type of franchises, the franchisor licenses their logo and trademark to the franchisees Franchise Directoryhowever he/she does not provide the complete system necessary to run the business successfully. However in the business format type the total system is supplied by the franchisor for running the business. Nowadays most of the franchises are of the type business format franchises. If you look at United States, almost 80% of the totals of 770,000 franchise businesses are of the business format franchise type. Lets have a close look at these two types of franchises.

Product Distribution Franchises: In this type of franchises, the franchisees sell manufactured products to the franchisor. This type of business can often be found in industries such as automobile, drinks and automobile accessories. These franchises are similar to the supplier-dealer kind of relationships. However in the product distribution franchises, franchisee has the benefit of getting more services from franchisor than compared to what dealers will get from their suppliers.

Business format franchises: In this type of franchises, the franchisee makes use of franchisor’s brand name and also his trademark. And more significantly, the franchisee gets to use the complete business system of the franchisor. This type of format is helpful in achieving consistency that gives results in form of sustained success. In this type of structure the franchisee is empowered with a detail plan that details almost all things related to operation of the franchise. In this type the franchise is provided training about things such as advertising and marketing of the franchise, management of the premises, recruitment and training of staff, greeting new and old customers and all other things related to the operation of the franchise.

Remember, both the types have their pros and cons to consider. It is only hard work and healthy interest in your business that can guarantee success of the business. The use of franchise method has risen significantly in recent times. You may also use franchise management software in order to make your experience successful. This software simplifies the nature of running a franchisor model of business. Good franchise software provides features such as corporate communications, new store management, data collection, administration and marketing management. This makes your life a lot easier.

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Choosing the Perfect E-Cigarette Brand

Apr 28

Credible Brands

Because of the huge popularity of the product, there are companies that take advantage of this and price their products very low. However, many of them use sub-standard components and materials just to make an easy buck. If you’re considering switching to e-smoking, then buy a recognized brand that offers various options in the form of starter kits.

Most people first try a cheap electronic cigarette before they switch over completely, and that’s part of the problem.electronic cigarette

These kits are generally inexpensive, but watch out for the really cheap ones – those are the ones you should stay away from.

Where Is It From?
Another factor to consider is the source and choice of e-liquid that the company offers. A trusted source will be able to give you certificates to show you what the liquid contains; they will also tell you where the compound has been prepared. Make sure you are satisfied with the data before you proceed to purchase.

Realistic Pricing
Electronic cigarettes come in several varieties, but the mechanism is essentially the same. Therefore, it stands to reason that pricing should also be within a reasonable range. Naturally, there are more expensive brands, but the additional cost is often because of custom design or extra accessories.

Clearette, a premium brand of offers starter kits for only $14.99! You can find this product at

Easy Replenishment Options
This is a critical factor when choosing the right e cigarette for you. The brand that you choose to go with must provide a fair range of options to pick from. Usually, this will be in the form of a refillable cartridge with e-liquid sold separately, or in the form of cartomizers (cartridge + atomizer in one).

An e cigarette sale might seem like a good deal, but unless you’re happy with the source of the product’s core component (the e-liquid), you may find yourself dissatisfied with the experience. Worse, it may turn you off from trying other, better brands for good.

10 ml (.33 fl. Oz.) of e-liquid is typically in the range of $4 to $10. Again, watch for the excessively low-priced options.
Switching to e cigarettes could be one of the most important decisions a smoker makes. Though health benefits can’t be explicitly sold, any e-smoker will tell you how their life has been changed for the better because of the humble electronic cigarette.

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Benefits of Franchise Consultants

Apr 10

One of the benefits of a franchise consulting services is “support”.
If you manage to speak with a franchise brokerage company, consultant, attorney or any other professional in the industry, you will often hear about the benefits of the “support” that is provided through a franchise system. While it should be soothing news that a good franchise research model will help you in developing and growing your business, I think it would be more encouraging to have a specific example of effectual support.

In my franchise consulting practice I am often questioned by potential franchise buyers about the franchise concept of support. How does the franchise will support me? How can they help me to succeed? What does support really mean?
While there are a number of areas, from where one should expect support through the franchisor. One particular area is that of a call center. There are many franchise systems planned to be operated by one or two employees, while the rest of the services are “outsourced” to third party providers.

This allows the owner to focus on sales, marketing and customer acquisition. It enables you to focus on growing aspect of your business and allows others to do the heavy lifting regarding the delivery of the product/service to the customer.

If you are interested in franchising opportunities, visit Franchise Provider.

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Safe Electronic Cigarettes: How to Pick Out a Safe Product?

Jan 28

Safe Electronic Cigarettes: How to Pick Out a Safe Product?
Whether e-cigs are safe is an ongoing debate and a hot topic of discussion that has been in the limelight ever since the product was instigated several years ago and there is still no common consensus on the electronic cigarettes.

What Do Experts Say About E-Cigs?
There has been a mix of opinion concerning electronic cigarettes. While some say that the product is not so good and should not be replaced by the regular cigarettes, others recommend that it is a better alternative to the regular smokes. In contrast, The American Association of Public Health Physicians has also supported e-cigarettes, stating that smokers can diminish the risk of getting affected by the tobacco related diseases by as much as 99.9 percent if they turn towards the e-cigarettes, along with greatly diminishing the risk for passive smokers.

Choosing A Reputable Brand
One of the major dangers associated with the electronic cigarettes is that the customers might be cheated. Customers might think they are spending on a good product but in reality, the product would have been made by a cheap manufacturer. It is always recommended to choose an electronic cigarettes brand that is renowned in the market and never settle for cheap alternatives. There are a number of electronic cigarettes brands that don’t gratify the rules and regulations set by health regulations throughout the world and due to lack of research on the customer’s part, such brands tend to flourish. The number one rated brand according to ECigReviewCentral is currently Clearette, visit them at

Some of the common signs in cheap electronic cigarettes include:
The cartridge comprises of the carcinogens
Lead is used by the manufacturers to join components
Few mouth pieces can have an unpleasant impact on users’ health
Wall plugs are below standard and don’t really meet the electrical safety standards

Poorly made electronic cigarettes’ cartridge embrace carcinogens that will have a very unfavorable affect on the smokers’ health. Moreover, if the manufacturer uses lead to join different parts of the electronic cigarette, the smoker would also intake the lead when he/she is smoking the electronic cigarette. It is also very imperative to have the right mouth piece which is bacteria free and safe. Some electronic manufacturers employ low quality or used mouth pieces that may lead to the harmful diseases such as hepatitis. Consequently, it is always suggested to choose a sound and safe product.

Tips for Selecting a Secure Product
As mentioned earlier, it is significant to select a reputed electronic cigarettes brand. To start off with, users must research on the internet and find out more about the best e-cigs brand in the market. Never settle for a cheap brand because cheap manufacturers sell extremely low quality products.
To improve and reform your search, it is better to read the reviews of e-cig brands on the internet and try carry out comparisons between some of the most popular brands to discover what one offers and the other doesn’t
Eventually, after analyzing your needs and looking at the firms that might fulfill them, you must then make a viable choice that will ensure your health and safety.

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