Benefits of Franchise Consultants

Apr 10

One of the benefits of a franchise consulting services is “support”.
If you manage to speak with a franchise brokerage company, consultant, attorney or any other professional in the industry, you will often hear about the benefits of the “support” that is provided through a franchise system. While it should be soothing news that a good franchise research model will help you in developing and growing your business, I think it would be more encouraging to have a specific example of effectual support.

In my franchise consulting practice I am often questioned by potential franchise buyers about the franchise concept of support. How does the franchise will support me? How can they help me to succeed? What does support really mean?
While there are a number of areas, from where one should expect support through the franchisor. One particular area is that of a call center. There are many franchise systems planned to be operated by one or two employees, while the rest of the services are “outsourced” to third party providers.

This allows the owner to focus on sales, marketing and customer acquisition. It enables you to focus on growing aspect of your business and allows others to do the heavy lifting regarding the delivery of the product/service to the customer.

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Safe Electronic Cigarettes: How to Pick Out a Safe Product?

Jan 28

Safe Electronic Cigarettes: How to Pick Out a Safe Product?
Whether e-cigs are safe is an ongoing debate and a hot topic of discussion that has been in the limelight ever since the product was instigated several years ago and there is still no common consensus on the electronic cigarettes.

What Do Experts Say About E-Cigs?
There has been a mix of opinion concerning electronic cigarettes. While some say that the product is not so good and should not be replaced by the regular cigarettes, others recommend that it is a better alternative to the regular smokes. In contrast, The American Association of Public Health Physicians has also supported e-cigarettes, stating that smokers can diminish the risk of getting affected by the tobacco related diseases by as much as 99.9 percent if they turn towards the e-cigarettes, along with greatly diminishing the risk for passive smokers.

Choosing A Reputable Brand
One of the major dangers associated with the electronic cigarettes is that the customers might be cheated. Customers might think they are spending on a good product but in reality, the product would have been made by a cheap manufacturer. It is always recommended to choose an electronic cigarettes brand that is renowned in the market and never settle for cheap alternatives. There are a number of electronic cigarettes brands that don’t gratify the rules and regulations set by health regulations throughout the world and due to lack of research on the customer’s part, such brands tend to flourish. The number one rated brand according to ECigReviewCentral is currently Clearette, visit them at

Some of the common signs in cheap electronic cigarettes include:
The cartridge comprises of the carcinogens
Lead is used by the manufacturers to join components
Few mouth pieces can have an unpleasant impact on users’ health
Wall plugs are below standard and don’t really meet the electrical safety standards

Poorly made electronic cigarettes’ cartridge embrace carcinogens that will have a very unfavorable affect on the smokers’ health. Moreover, if the manufacturer uses lead to join different parts of the electronic cigarette, the smoker would also intake the lead when he/she is smoking the electronic cigarette. It is also very imperative to have the right mouth piece which is bacteria free and safe. Some electronic manufacturers employ low quality or used mouth pieces that may lead to the harmful diseases such as hepatitis. Consequently, it is always suggested to choose a sound and safe product.

Tips for Selecting a Secure Product
As mentioned earlier, it is significant to select a reputed electronic cigarettes brand. To start off with, users must research on the internet and find out more about the best e-cigs brand in the market. Never settle for a cheap brand because cheap manufacturers sell extremely low quality products.
To improve and reform your search, it is better to read the reviews of e-cig brands on the internet and try carry out comparisons between some of the most popular brands to discover what one offers and the other doesn’t
Eventually, after analyzing your needs and looking at the firms that might fulfill them, you must then make a viable choice that will ensure your health and safety.

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Why Should One Switch to Electronic Cigarettes?

Dec 16

Why Should One Switch to Electronic Cigarettes?

Why should one switch to electronic cigarettes? As a smoker, there is need to use all the help you can get to quit smoking for the benefit of your health. Many people who consider making this switch hesitate because they think this is like trading one habit for another. Both of which are bad habits.  It is not easy quitting smoking. Thanks to electronic cigarettes, it is becoming easier now. Clearette, a leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, provides e-cigs with no odor, no tar, and no carcinogens. It is these elements that get you through combustion process. This is why switching to electronic cigarettes is very important. Following are the reasons for you to switch to electronic cigarettes:

1-      Improve your Health

Electronic CigarettesElectronic cigarette smoking will improve your health. This is a fact and should be your first reason why you should quit tobacco smoking.  The kinds of cancer associated with tobacco smoking are horrifying, deadly and disfiguring.  Making the switch to electronic cigarette smoking will lower your risks of getting cancer.  In addition, your skin health will also improve after quitting smoking. Risks of cardiac problems also decrease with time as soon your heart beat rate will be normal.  You also reduce your chances of being impotent because you will no longer be smoking tobacco. Impotence is brought about because smoking constricts your blood vessels depriving them of good circulation hence you get less erection.

2-      Save money

When smoking you spend a lot of money buying the packets of cigarettes. Have you ever stopped to think of how much you spend on cigarettes alone? Just take a pen and a piece of paper and do a quick math. Trust me you will be shocked by the number that will come up. Imagine someone who smokes 40 cigarettes a day costing 9 dollars a pack smoking a way $3o24 a year ($252 per month). This is no small figure and there are many who exceed 40 cigarettes a day. Now think about what you could have done with that money, even if you got a salary raise, it will simply go to smoking.  With that kind of money, you can buy new clothes, take trips abroad, help your family and friends and buy cool gadgets among many other things.  With electronic cigarettes costs under $ 80 and refill cartridges go for less than $15 per 5 cartridges. Each cartridge can last between 250 – 300 puffs. Clearly, you save much more and you can afford to do the things you love for entertainment like going for holiday.

3-      Family

Imagine how your family will be happy when they find out you have quit smoking.  They will no longer have to inhale your smoke each time you come home or visit them.  This not only helps you, but also helps their health. When you quit smoking you also improve their health. Even if you do not care that much about your health, you should at least think about their health.

4-      Freedom

There is so much freedom in quitting smoking.  Talk to those who have quit smoking and you will be surprised how much you are losing.  Smoking enslaves people as you will always be thinking about how many cigarettes you have and whether they will be enough or you should buy some.  On the other hand, quitting smoking frees you from all that as you will no longer have the urge to smoke.  With electronic cigarettes you will get more freedom because you can even take a puff in any place and wherever you go.

5-      No tar or toxins

Electronic cigarettes do not have any toxins such as carbon monoxide, ammonia, acetone, arsenic and formaldehyde that are common in normal cigarettes. Normal cigarettes have more than 4000 harmful poisons not present in electronic cigarettes. In an article on WebMD, the author stated that there is no proof that electronic cigarettes cause long term harm.

6-      You smoke less

When you puff tobacco cigarettes, you puff more. This is opposed to electronic cigarettes where you may take few puffs before putting it away. This will make you smoke less.

7-      No second hand smoking

Non smokers around you will not feel bothered by you as there will be no second hand smoking. Second hand smoking is much worse health-wise than smoking.  The vapor released by electronic cigarettes look like smoke, but it is only water vapor which soon disappears.

8-      Cheaper insurance

You will get cheaper insurance rates from your insurance company. Just call them and inform them that you no longer smoke and watch the monthly insurance costs drop.

9-      No ash trays, no flammable

You do not have to carry an ash tray or a lighter. This reduces the things you carry around when travelling or going somewhere. Your office will also smell great without the ash trays.

10-  Improved self esteem

This is due to fresh breath. You will in turn look better and be more alive. In fact you will be more approachable.

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