Athletes Who Vape and Use Electronic Cigarettes

Feb 09

Electronic cigarettes are fantastic for those on fitness and exercise routines who do not want to give up the pleasure of smoking. Unfortunately, smoking is responsible for a slower recovery as well as decreased lung capacity. Trainers and exercisers who are smoker are switching to electronic cigarettes to decrease these variables, as e-cigarettes are a smoke-free alternative.

E-Cigs look, taste and feel like real cigarettes but without the thousands of toxins and chemicals. This is a major incentive for smokers who are used to nicotine and who have developed oral fixations in times of stress. Electronic cigarettes can provide these same sensations without the countless drawbacks.

Most fitness gurus and health junkies look at everything that they consume, though many still smoke as they are addicted. Because nicotine is an addicting substance, an athletealternative like the e-cig is a fantastic transition that aids in increasing the lung capacity, as by not smoking the lungs will be less exposed to carbon monoxide and regenerate.

Cigarettes and smoking are an athlete’s worst nightmare. They wreak havoc on the body, unlike e-cigs which have not been proven to negatively affect the body in the same way as traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have become the go-to for exercisers who want to decrease unnecessary and poisonous toxins, as e-cigs contain only 4 ingredients, all of which have been individually approved by the FDA.

Electronic cigarettes are also very convenient for athletes. Instead of toting round a pack of cigarettes and lighters and cologne, an e-cig is small and can slide into a small pocket. The e-cigarette devices have been engineered to last more than a pack of smokes. An e-cig can accompany your pocket, purse, car and drawer. E-Cigs produce no smell and do not leave tobacco shake. If you are interested in trying an electronic cigarette, click here.

e-cigarette userBecause smoking is so dehydrating, athletes must load up on additional fluids to reverse the effects of their smoking habit. Electronic cigarettes use water vapor to deliver nicotine, instead of hot fire and smoke. This means that more water and nutrients are retained after making the switch to vaporizer devices. Most report feeling more lively as a result of the increase in hydration as a result of witching to new e-cig technology.

Other athletes who use e-cigs notice other positive changes like a healthier skin glow, whiter teeth and cleaner fingernails. Electronic cigarettes are constructed from metal and not of paper, hindering any skin contact. E-Cigs can also be purchased in abundant variations of flavors stemming from fruit e-cigs to artisan e-cigs. Athletes can even wean their nicotine down to zero to let go of the nicotine habit all together. Nicotine step down kits are great for these types of smokers and/or vapers. If you ever require renovations on your home after that, consult a long island general contractor, such as ABC Contracting.

When athletes switch to e-cigs from smoking, they notice drastic changes all over their body and from inside out. Cigarettes have been linked to depression and lower the body’s immune system. Electronic cigarettes have no smoke or carbon monoxide and are also clear of the additional 7000 toxins. When switching to new electronic cigarette and vaporizer technology, fitness experts and athletes find tremendous success.